9-10 49ers

Vista Del Camino Park - Studio 56 Vintage (Field 3)
Vista Del Camino Park - Field 4
Vista Del Camino Park - Phoenix Roofing & Repair (Field 2)
Vista Del Camino Park - Studio 56 Vintage (Field 3)
Tavan Elementary - Phoenix Roofing & Repair (Field 2)
Arcadia High School - Studio 56 Vintage (Field 3)
Arcadia High School - Field 4
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Our Mission

Arcadia Sports Central is committed to providing a fun, positive, safe, and family oriented atmosphere for our community’s children to play, encouraging good sportsmanship, as well as teaching the fundamentals of every sport we offer. We aim to raise the bar in youth sports through positive coaching, and to educate, train, and equip youth sports volunteers with the tools to succeed.