Just Kick It Soccer is a recreational league, brought to you by Arcadia Sports Central.  We offer soccer for boys AND girls (co-ed) ages 3-10 years old in the spring, fall and winter seasons.  Our rules have been designed to keep it age appropriate so the athletes can learn the fundamentals of the game and prepare for the next level of competition.  Just Kick It Soccer promotes individual player development, with the hopes that every player has a chance to be a playmaker. Our goal at Arcadia Sports Central, in all of our programs, is to keep kids excited about sports and provide a fun and safe atmosphere for our community’s kids to play. Most importantly is that the kids have fun and enjoy the sport. The games are played in Arcadia.

The age divisions for this soccer program are:

3-4 years old (3 v 3 with no goalie)

5-6 years old (4 v 4 with no goalie)

7-8 years old (6 v 6 with a goalie)

9-10 years (6 v 6 with a goalie)

Our coaches are volunteers, typically a parent of a kid on the team, and are background checked and attend a coach certification with us. We provide them with the necessary equipment to conduct successful practices throughout the season.

Player fees for this program start at $129 and increase as the season opener draws near. You can take advantage of best player rates when you register early. The player fee schedule is posted on the registration page for each season with the cost and dates of each increase.

Your player fee includes:

· Xara international professional team jersey and matching shorts and socks

·  8 scheduled games (first round of the end of season tournament

·  End of season tournament trophy or effort medal (only age
division tournament champions receive a trophy) 

*3-4 age division does not have an end of season tournament. They will have a 7 game season and will receive participation medals at the end of the season.

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These rules are intended to promote proper instruction, and to form strong fundamentals for the next level of basketball competition. We encourage you not only to read these rules, but to promote sportsmanship in the league, always keeping the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie in mind. This is not the NBA: these are kids, coaches are volunteers. Officials are human, and a positive player experience is not hinged on the outcome of any single contest.   

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Our Mission

Arcadia Sports Central is committed to providing a fun, positive, safe, and family oriented atmosphere for our community’s children to play, encouraging good sportsmanship, as well as teaching the fundamentals of every sport we offer. We aim to raise the bar in youth sports through positive coaching, and to educate, train, and equip youth sports volunteers with the tools to succeed.