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It all started in 2011 when their first-born wanted to play flag football at seven years old. With no idea what to expect, they signed up for a local league. Katrina signed David up to coach, without his knowledge and much to his chagrin. Maybe he wasn’t thrilled at first, but he ended up coaching the same kids, season after season, for four years.

Every Saturday, they brought their enthusiastic second-grade flag football player, an ever-growing playbook, and the family settled in for a full day of football.

They showed up at the fields right when the gates opened, and stayed there all day; they just absolutely loved it.

Their own game may have only lasted an hour of that day, but the excitement and the atmosphere kept them at the fields until sundown.

As is sometimes the case with organized sports, things were not always so organized. The league was sold, the new ownership was inconsistent, and the Alfaro family searched for a new league for their once 7/8 year old team, that was now in the 11/12 year old division. While looking around, they ended up meeting someone with a franchise for sale. Thinking it would be a fun challenge to own and operate a sports league, they took a big leap from sports parents, to league owners.

All those Saturdays, listening to the sideline chatter of parents, absorbing information, a solid concept emerged; they had very specific ideas about what worked in terms of a youth sports league, and what did not.

They took this information, along with a passion for youth sports, and created an awesome atmosphere. Before they knew it, they had over 500 players, from little kindergarteners who could barely hold the football, to teenagers sharpening their skills to play in high school.

It wasn’t long before this became their full-time job, and David and Katrina met a new demand to add other sports. They now offer Full Court Legends basketball, with plans in the works to add Field Day Baseball, Just Kick It Soccer, and Spike It Volleyball.

When the Alfaro family set about creating a league of their own, they had the luxury of implementing all they had learned as football parents, and they knew exactly what their core values would be. They have a code of conduct that everyone — parents, coaches, kids, and spectators — needs to respect. It’s been a longstanding tradition to make hourly announcements, so before every game, they remind the community that the goal is always fun, safety, and respect. This is one of the reasons for their fast growth, because parents embraced and appreciated the positive atmosphere. “Competitive fun,” is the term they use, and it still applies.

The other thing that sets them apart is that they are responsive to the community, replying to parents and coaches via email, text, or phone, immediately. They appreciate the compliments they get about how organized and responsive they are, and they are very passionate about retaining those qualities.

As the parents of two boys, who have played competitively for many years, it warms their hearts to see so many other parents, showing up when the gates open, staying until the sun goes down, making memories.

The athletes range in ability, they range in age, but no matter what, they sharpen their skills, their sense of discipline, they make new friends, they learn to cooperate, they learn to lose and win with grace, and most importantly, they have fun.

David and Katrina have been together since 2002 and married since 2004. They had their first son, David “Deuce” Alfaro II in 2003 and their younger son Jordan Alfaro, in 2009. This is truly a family owned and operated business in the Arcadia area. All hands are on deck. Their older son works for them as a referee and scorekeeper, and of course helps set up and tear down each game day. You can find their younger son modeling for pictures for content as well as occasionally working the snack bar on game days.

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Our Mission

Arcadia Sports Central is committed to providing a fun, positive, safe, and family oriented atmosphere for our community’s children to play, encouraging good sportsmanship, as well as teaching the fundamentals of every sport we offer. We aim to raise the bar in youth sports through positive coaching, and to educate, train, and equip youth sports volunteers with the tools to succeed.